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Gritty's Tiktok channel has been a beacon of sanity in these trying times. Did you know he squeaks when he performs beer pong trick shots? My faith in human(gr)itty is renewed.
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Of course Gritty is good at beer pong type trick shots. He is from Philadelphia.
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The bambi one is excellent
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That had me SOBBING.
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My favorite thing about Gritty was from when that fan was all mad about his kid and how Gritty theoretically assaulted him. At no point during any coverage did any story talk about Gritty as if he was anything other than Gritty.

Gritty is the best.
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He curtsied!
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Is there a way to safely load the tictok website without potentially handing over the contents of my browser to the CPP?
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Very entertaining.
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ha, thanks for the yinz tag... but that's Pittsburgh! And my car needs wershd.
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