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A celebration of Britain’s diversity and cultural magnificence #FuckBoris #FuckBrexit #FuckFascism.”
Christopher Spencer aka Cold War Steve is a visual satirist.
A Former Probation Officer Whose Viral Political Collages have Become an International Symbol of the nonsense of Brexit to Covid-19 and Britains inept politicians.
Already compared with the satire of William Hogarth channels visions from Breugel, and Bosch and always with a few favourite characters and started as a kind of therapy, following a bit of a breakdown and issues with alcohol. (previously).
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Is there a US equivalent to sentient pork knuckle Phil Mitchell, or is his Britishness too ineffable?
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According to the local paper Phil Mitchell lives in the same small town as me. Or the actor, if you make that distinction. I've never bumped into him. I heard a rumour he drinks down the Royal Legion. Seems an odd choice if true. I like to think maybe he is waiting for Grant there, back from the SAS.
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Pairs well with Sleaford Mods to really bring out that bilious Brexit flavor.
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My first thought is of John Heartfield.
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Thanks for mentioning Heartfield, I did an FPP about his work a few years back.
Use Photography as a Weapon.
I think it is his grandson who runs the excellent tribute website.
posted by adamvasco at 8:58 AM on May 22

25th May is probably his most poignent.
posted by adamvasco at 7:57 AM on May 26

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