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David Lynch's 2015 animated short film "Fire (Pozar)" available online. Also on David Lynch Theater: weather reports.

Filmmaker Magazine:
David Lynch has kept typically busy during his quarantine, giving interviews about abusive workplaces and alluding to a variety of personal art projects he’s focused on. Just posted online to his YouTube channel, the animated short film Fire (Pożar) is not one of those projects but a 2015 short previously only shown at a USC concert. “The whole point of our experiment was that I would say nothing about my intentions and [Polish-American composer] Marek [Zebrowski] would interpret the visuals in his own way,” Lynch said at the time. “So I say it was a great successful experiment, and I loved the composition Marek wrote for the Penderecki String Quartet.” Very much in keeping with Lynch’s classical selections for Twin Peaks: The Return, the music scores an animated project that’s decidedly for Lynch-heads only. Visuals include flames in shapes anticipating the similar beacon guiding Dougie Jones through the casino and a typically grotesque array of cutouts in various positions of ambiguous agony. An additional layer of texture comes from what appears to be a celluloid-capture, either 16 or 35mm, connecting Fire with Lynch’s earliest student film work like Six Men Getting Sick (Six Times).
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If you haven't had a chance to see it yet, David Lynch: The Art Life, the 2017 documentary is well worth a watch.
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I like to re-watch David Lynch cooking quinoa occasionally and wonder why he needed those amino acid additives if this dish supposedly already had "complete protein".
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What did Jack do(SLTY clip, but the actual video is on Netflix) is also some good peak recent Lynch.
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To me it seems like he’s making a joke, or being silly. Or is he serious and not being silly? Like in that Quinoa video he looks like he’s making fun of himself. There was a ton of humor in Twin Peaks too, but it’s hard to tell how intentional it is.
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I enjoyed the film a lot, but unfortunately it gave my partner an epileptic seizure, so if that's the kind of thing you need to take into consideration before you watch something, please do so.
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"Never mind all that, Mrs. Lincoln: how was the play?"
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Is there a seizure risk warning attached to the video? Doesn’t appear to be.
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Before YouTube froze up and killed my browser, I was surprised to see that Mr Lynch doesn’t know that the countdown at the beginning of a film stops at 2.
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the shadow is wrong
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I was surprised to see that Mr Lynch doesn’t know that the countdown at the beginning of a film stops at 2.
Or perhaps he does, and he is subtly, intentionally, subverting our expectations.
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