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With a cute twitter video, Carly Rae Jepsen announced and released a new album: Dedicated Side B
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CRJ is a gem of a person and her music is a light in the world. I'm so excited for Side B. (My husband and I are waiting until we can listen/dance to it together.)
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Dedicated Side BETTER!

Listened many times. It's soooooo good!
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If you are at all skeptical about CRJ, to quote the recent Pearl Jam album, "save your predictions and burn your assumptions". She is good, and pure, and sincere, and she was 100% in on the joke around liking/listening to her until she put it to bed with sheer earnestness.

And everyone should watch her La Blogothèque performance of "Let’s Be Friends".
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In an interview, she called Dedicated 'chill disco', and the side bs are definitely also that. It's a pretty cool vibe!
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I did like E•Mo•Tion better than Dedicated, but I'll get this. I love CRJ.

Maybe I should rather say I really really really really really really really like CRJ.
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I bought the thing. I'm listening to it now. It's fun. Thanks for posting. I would have missed it otherwise.
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