Mory Kante rip
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Legendary world music superstar and one of the most influential died at 70. Seriously how could anyone vote this as the worst, not the best, song of the 80's? However, his 70's career as the vocalist of Super Rail Band made his name. 2020 is bad for world music so far.
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The playlist from the second link is making my day.
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Woah. And I know that track well and had never seen the video
I'm gobsmacked.
Tremendous. But I do not understand the suit he is wearing at all ... did he borrow it from David Byrne?

sun re o
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probably this is the original promotional video according to youtube
Regarding the "mystery" of Mory Kante. i don't think it's a mystery. i just think we don't know and don't care about non-western countries. so every successfull artist will remain a one-hit-wonder. the language is indeed mandinka, as he explicitly say it in the lyrics.
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