“Showers, good”
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Now do five hours of Sailing By.
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winterhill, I'd find that very strange, as Sailing By is my Pavlovian cue to turn the radio off and go to sleep...
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For those who want to know what kind of information is given: Shipping Forecast.
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I miss the shipping forecast. I mainly used to hear it when listening to cricket, because that was on R4 longwave, but since we switched to digital/internet radio I don’t get it any more.

I also miss listening to cricket. Sitting out in the garden in a reclining chair and hawkwatching is a pretty good way of passing time in lockdown, but podcasts are no real substitute for Test Match Special.
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This sort of thing makes me happy, for some reason.

Maybe it brings up memories of hearing the farm report - weather, markets - through a tabletop radio on frigid Iowa fall mornings. That calm cadence, the minimal dynamic range, the sense of great meaning hidden behind a kind of code, to me inscrutable, but understood by large-knuckled men with names like Gene, men who are already up and finishing a second cup of coffee, no matter how early you wake. Here are their gloves. They'd lend you a pair, those mornings, when you stopped by with your Grandpa to help split wood and stack it. Their wives would give you a second oatmeal cookie before you followed then outside, then a plate of them in a baggie to take home. The farm report had given way to the Hawkeye game, the code was now speaking of third-and-short with the handoff going to Owen Gill out of the I-back formation, the marching band distant, just behind the crowd noise, and Gill finds a little daylight behind the guard and now they'll have to bring out the chains, stopping the clock. You left the gloves on the dash of the truck.

Anyway...Thank you for sharing this.
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Dang it, I was really hoping for "In the next few months look for a surge in Green Lantern/Wonder Woman fic. It is unclear yet whether the moniker Green-Wonder or Wonder-Lantern will prevail."
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I’ve linked it here before (because the shipping forecast has come quite a few times before), but I’ve always had a soft spot for Braces Tower‘s - The General Synopsis
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This makes me so happy, and reminded me to check BBC R4's schedule; being on the West Coast might let me actually listen to this...ah yes. The 5:33 AM broadcast is perfect for going to bed!

This ties so many parts of my life together, and I love it, and how it makes me feel quiet and safe and soft, and connected to the world and to a place I still love. It links up the ships I used to work on (even if mostly dockside), and living in Cardiff, listening in the dark and safe and quiet. The rhythm of it, and the importance and the kindness, the rhythm of the words that talk of ports and seas and places to go to someday. I haven't had quite enough coffee yet, so I don't know how legible this will be, but this makes me so happy.
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The report is good because it sounds like a mug of hot chocolate in a cozy nook.
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Obligatory 99pi
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I'm always struck by the contrast between the comfort people derive from the Shipping Forecast and the fact that what it is is the Met Office saying as clearly as possible the chances of people in tiny boats dotted around the country dying tonight.

Not judging. I find it comforting, too, but then I'm not in a trawler a hundred miles off Skye.
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5 Live Sports Extra is playing out old Test Match Specials, but it's not the same when you know those matches ended years ago.

I’m astonished any particular cricket match has ever concluded.
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In related, according to an anecdote, Gavin Bryars' hypnotic card-cheat audio piece 'A Man in a Room, Gambling' was designed to fit into the gentle mood of the Shipping Forecast, and I think originally broadcast right before 'Sailing By'.
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" I returned to a long strand,
the hammered curve of a bay,
and found only the secular
powers of the Atlantic thundering.

I faced the unmagical
invitations of Iceland,
the pathetic colonies
of Greenland, and suddenly

those fabulous raiders,
those lying in Orkney and Dublin
measured against
their long swords rusting,

those in the solid
belly of stone ships,
those hacked and glinting
in the gravel of thawed streams

were ocean-deafened voices..."

-Seamus Heaney, North

and up next Christopher Morely with the AG report, this is on BBC/ASMR.
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Some relevant scenes from Black Books (NSFW audio). Radio 4 announcer Howell (Serafinowicz) apparently has a voice like this ... thing.
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