Moldy fruit as art
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See also: The Fruits in Decay and Rotten Apples collections at the Harvard Museum of Natural History - two of the lesser known parts of its collection of glass plant reproductions by Rudolf Blaschka.
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I love these so much, fantastic art that attracts and repulses at the same time.
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I love her work!
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These are beautiful and up close they look bejeweled, not decayed.
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It looks like every single gemstone has a tiny hole drilled and a is being held by a pin. I love that she went that route instead of using glue.
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Head pins are pretty standard beading supplies, though that's a non - standard use if them. I feel like it would potentially be a lot more difficult to glue beads (or just glue them, because I think she is using some glue as well) in place than to pin them, especially where she is layering multiple beads on top of one another.
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Go look at her instagram linked in the article, these pieces are big! From the article photos I thought they were 1:1 scale with the actual fruit.
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