Look! I got banned.
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Look! I got banned. And all for spite. I thought it'd be nice and irritating to download his stuff after he started a dispute. I did the same with Metallica. After hearing their music, I'm surprised they have the balls to defend such crap. It's like kicking a garbage can full of screaming monkeys down the stairs.
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A few years back, here in Chicago, there was a metal band named Aftermath. They existed before Dr.Dre's label. They sued him, and they settled. He gave them some money and a record contract, and they changed the name of the band to something equally silly, most likely they are dead by now. A years back, also here in Chicago, a cowpunk band named Cash Money (hot rocks all the way) formed, they were recently threatened by Cash Money records. The band is now named Cash Audio, no money was exchanged as far as I know. I think the rappers have learned to sue first.
I have no interest in Napster or MP3's, but I am an old man who has a better sounding stereo than *CPU. I'm sorry you were banned. Good luck kids, fight the good fight.
*maybe if I get one of them clear HK subwoofer's.
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Waiting for Weird Al Yankovic to have ME banned...
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(Adds Wendell to his hotlist)
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