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Richard Scarry's classic What Do People Do All Day, further revised to reflect our current societal roles in The New Now. | Sanctioned Revisions to Richard Scarry texts previously on MeFi
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Tag yourself, I am Growing out Haircuts and No Need to Ever Change out of Pajamas.
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Fail. Missing Lowly Worm.

(do so hope he was not in the cooking scene, saute nooo)
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no Lowly Worm??? :(
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I'm a fan of both Anxious Standing and Anxious Sitting, personally.
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omg, just yesterday I thought of these great books and how they could be fit to current situation.
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I’m guessing that Dingo Dog isn’t wearing a mask or social distancing when he goes out. Oh, Dingo.
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I have a lovely mask and stay well away from others, thank you very much.
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Everyone knows that the most important rule of Richard Scarry is that there MUST BE LOWLY WORM.
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Vaguely middle-aged looking cat with a green watering can, "Becoming obsessed with plants"

It's like looking in a mirror!
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"Obsessively baking bread." and "'Homeschooling'." here
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Love it! :)
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Glad fellow Lowly Worm fans are showing up *but* the real question is... what would Lowly be doing?

New art car buildout?
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The updates to BusinessTown are also fantastic :)
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Lowly Worm was always independently wealthy (there is lots of soil in Busytown). He would be in his underground bunker, trying on all of his spiffy tyrolean hats, half-pairs of shoes, and sharp bow ties.

Lowly Worm wouldn't develop a backache WFH because he is an invertebrate. This post is not about him. This post is about how Sgt. Murphy will catch Bananas Gorilla from buying too many bunches of bananas from Wegman's. This is about "What s Mr. Fixit fixing now on youtube?" This is about Pig Will (pro mask) and Pig Won't (open the economy) demonstrating in front of the Busytown selectboard. This is about Dingo not helping Massachusetts' driving reputation any, and about how to give the Three Beggars a safe place to stay for the night.

This is about Miss Honey's union protecting her wages while school's cancelled. This is about the Pig Family giving up on teaching their kids homework. THIS AFFECTS ALL OF BUSY TOWN. Lowly worm will be alright underground.

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Mr Frumble crashes his Costco shopping cart full of toilet paper.
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Yeah, Mrs. slkinsey and I both have Lowly Worm t-shirts. Def would like a ride in the apple car.
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Is the post just the one image on fb or is there more? When I click the link that's all that opens.
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(bleep, click on the right or left side of the image to go through the slideshow)
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Oh ok, the iOS app doesn't include a gallery. Better link?
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Ah, there's the crying one. Knew it had to be in there.
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Lowly is probably very comfortably being in self-isolation because as a worm he likely spends a lot of his time in the dirt, alone, doing his thing. He is also probably happy that the roads are less busy and doesn't have random pigs crashing trucks into his apple car.
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Lowly would be driving the Cannonball Run in under 27 hours.
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Lowly would be driving the Cannonball Run in under 27 hours.

I love how that article and most of its comments are celebrating people driving an average 110mph on public roads, when under slightly different circumstances, they would be condemning it
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But where is Goldbug?
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I used to make fun of preppers until I realized two months ago that blimey, it's so hard to get toilet papers and rice!

My wife's turning into an amazing baker. Our cat is social distancing by running away from the door whenever the bell rings 😅
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Your cat always did that...
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There've been a few additions...

Here's your Lowly Worm. He's def stayin underground.
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