Cry havoc, and let slip the cats of war. Or is it let sleep?
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Giant Military Cats, a Twitter account. Just giant cats with military hardware and/or in military scenes.
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Flagged as felinetastic!
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Cats do scale well!

Really giant military cat (upper mid-left).
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Cats with military hardware are awesome!
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Giant Military Cats is truly among the best of the web. They hit the ground running a few months ago, and have refined their art over and over again.
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I always call tabby cats “Sarge” because of the stripes on their arms. And one of Mr. Whiskers’s nicknames was “Colonel Mustache.”

Just don’t give weapons to the Cats That Look Like Hitler.
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Overall I'd give it a solid B, but when it's good it's very good.
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I have downloaded several months of Giant Military Cats and use them for my screensavers. All who behold them are impressed!
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I show this to our cats. They view the account coolly. Clearly they are planning something.
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Oh I follow this one already! Nice!
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The War on String may be unwinnable.
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Mostly not my thing, but I liked their take on the Cuban Missile Crisis.
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