Attempting A Forester Flop
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It's been about four hundred years since the Imp Girls landed at Hot Lumpy Rock. Here's a map of what eventually became the Much Sass State. [avi: Orgy Pant Hobos]
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Greetings from Vile Morsel!
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A N A L . C A T . N O T I C E
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oh god...too many amazing user's...*MIND BLOWN*
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I've often visited my sister in Corset Glue, just down the road from the aptly named Meth-Cranes-by-the-Sea. Thank you! I will send this to her.
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I hear that A Hen Whimpers is nice this time of year.
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Tampon Thorn certainly evokes something.
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Genuinely thought this was an Adventure Time related thing with LSP at the helm before I clicked

Still delighted
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when I attended college in a suburb of hall hiver I often went to the teen hum mall
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Dorm Fed represent!
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Dong hit.
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It's unfortunate that this map doesn't include the "lost towns" of Nada, Elfin Ed, Gin Chewer, and Pert Cots that were submerged in the construction of the Baron's Brie Quiver.
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I spent my early childhood in Dweeb Frond, then lived in Tree Moss well into my teens. Spent a lot of time in the Ass Wean mall. We eventually left and moved to the great state of Rhino Saddle.
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Greetings from Cat Kin!
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Hah. I went to school in Mantis Willow.
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Lord whiling away the time. Are there Mitral hogs for this?
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Yes, 30-50.

Oh wait, no, that's feral hogs. Nevermind.
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I’m glad they recognize Rhino Saddle as a state.
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Errant Bogarting
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Greetings from A Hen Whimpers
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