Batman vs. Superman movie rumored to be in the works.
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Batman vs. Superman movie rumored to be in the works. (scroll down for the good stuff)

"It is a clash of the titans," Petersen told Daily Variety. "They play off of each other so perfectly. (Superman) is clear, bright, all that is noble and good, and Batman represents the dark, obsessive and vengeful side. They are two sides of the same coin and that is material for great drama."

I'm excited. The Batman vs. Superman comic books were always some of the most fascinating ones I'd ever read.
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From what I recall the initial plot is a mix of World's Finest and Mask Of The Phantasm. I'll go see it :)
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While this may be exciting, I fear WB will foul it up (Bat-nipples, Fatgirl anyone?). Also, I much more enjoy Supes and Batsy teaming up (World's Finest) as opposed to fighting (mostly because Superman would kick Batman's nutty butt, and no, the fight in Dark Knight Returns doesn't count)

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Not that I pay attention to stuff like this, and not like I believe anything that Ain't It Cool News has to say but, well, um...

They say that Jude Law is gonna be Superman and Colin Farrell is gonna be Batman.

I'm of two minds about this. The gay part says hubba hubba, oh all right, HUBBA HUBBA. The comic book geek part says uh, no.

Also, usually I get Harry's (on those infrequent days when I visit the site, to be sure) animated movie homage thingies. But what the FUCK is that one? I'm not sure I wanna know.
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"Fatgirl anyone?"

There is no fucking way that you just called Alicia Silverstone fat. Right? Tell me I misunderstood you.
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No good can come of this. (Unless Frank Miller is involved.)
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Silverstone is usually a (moderately) attractive casting choice, but I'm sorry - if you're gonna wear spandex this ain't workin'. Much better.

Jude Law? Colin Farrell? Shoot me now. Sometimes it's better if they just don't make the movie.
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In the animated series, Batman Beyond, the new batman had to take on Superman. Bruce Wayne even had some kryptonite locked in a special safe, just in case.
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We all know that Dina Meyer's gonna be the best. Batg--oh, you know.
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WolfDaddy, Corona shoot down that rumour a few days ago
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First of all, Alicia Silverstone was not fat as Batgirl in Batman & Robin. She wasn't as thin/young as she was in Clueless, however. Regardless, I agree that Dina Meyer will be fine as Batgirl.
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What owillis said. Particularly, Farrell isn't at all brooding and smart enough to play Bruce Wayne. Law has the clean pretty-boy look, but he's too brooding for Superman. And I gotta add that Frank Miller pretty much lost whatever Batman cred he had with Dark Knight II, so I don't think his involvement would save the picture. (Maybe he can be redeemed if Year One turns out to be good.)
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Silverstone looks gorgeous in that pic owillis linked to. What the hell?
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I hear rumors that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon may be called in, though I'm not sure who will play which superhero. I'm just relieved Nicolas Cage isn't doing Superman anymore.
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You're kidding about Affleck and Damon right? That just sounds like the begining of a really bad cliche'.

I really hope if they plan on doing this, they cast unkown actors. The last thing needed in such an inherently dangerous movie to produce like this one, is further star-power floating around to muck it up.
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I agree...Silverstone looks fantastic. It kinda looks like she actually eats FOOD. And I like that in a woman.
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From Dark Horizons:

"Batman vs. Superman: One rather surprising rumor has sadly been shot down. Yesterday, Aint It Cool indicated 26-year old Irish actor Colin Farrell ("Minority Report") will be Batman and 29-year-old English actor Jude Law ("A.I.: Artificial Intelligence") is Superman. Not long after though, Warners denied the comments: "The roles have NOT been cast yet, they are still seeing other actors in casting next week. Jude Law and Colin Farrell are very definitely in the running but nothing has been locked yet".

Ugh. gigolo Joe... whaddya know.
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I heard Christian Bale was up for Batman. He's dreamy.
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An earlier rumor, which pointed hlyas not been shot down so far as I know, has Christian Bale as Batman, and Paul Rudd, or possibly Vince Vaughn, as Superman. I'm inclined to think that a Wolfgang Petersen film would have a heavier cast, though; they probably want this to open at around $100M.
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I didn't notice whether Silverstone was a little overweight or not - I doubt owillis would've turned her away - in "Batman and Robin" because the acting was so generally abysmal in that movie, as was the photography, the dialogue, the direction, the special effects, costumes, sets, etc. The Batmobile still looked cool, but that was about as far as it went. If George Clooney survived that debacle, I don't see why Silverstone (whose "Clueless" is still a favorite on cable) shouldn't. And I hear she's lost weight these days anyway, if that was the big (censored) issue.
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Bring back Michael Keaton!
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Ben Affleck should play every roll in the movie, expect for the ones that they give to Vin Diesel.
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Oh, for the record, Alicia Silverstone is on the front cover of this month's Crunch, which is a health and lifestyles magazine connected to a health club/gym chain. You can find it at virtually any decent newsstand. That's her on the cover at the bottom.
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For the record: there is nothing wrong with Alicia now, but when she played Batgirl she was way to big and puffy to play someone who's supposed to be a svelte, stealthy crimefighter.
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Sure, whatever, and the original Batgirl had thighs that Hollywood wouldn't like these days and breasts that seem to have been weapons in their own right. When I think "stealthy" and "svelte," I immediately think "giant, Jayne Mansfiled breasts." So maybe that wasn't the deal.
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Iax, I love Batman Beyond, too. =)

Why *did* they have to do a Batman vs. Superman movie? Loved the ones when they worked tonight (like owillis said). Crossovers are interesting (Marvel vs. DC), but in a duel, Superman would total Batman in an instant, sorry.

Keaton for Batman, Reeves for Superman... that's the way I'll always remember 'em. Or hell, just make one long animated movie, I'd be cool with it if the had a decent plot.
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Keaton was great but if they are going to film the first Dark Knight book by Frank Miller it would have to be someone older looking. Maybe Robert Forster or someone tough like him?
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Hmm, casting the "Dark Knight Returns" Batman... everyone that comes to mind seems too old now. Brian Dennehy? Rutger Hauer?
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Vin Diesel as Batman? I'd pay to see that.
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Jim J. Bullock is a very close second.
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Any man who can make a Jm J. Bullock reference in a Superman thread should be declared a god.
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