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It's the !nternational Archive of Dreams. Dreams categorized by theme. Submit yours; read others.
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I had a dream the other night where I was trying to diagnose a problem with an espresso machine. Someone came along to help me figure out what was going on. That someone was Danny DeVito. His method: licking the machine.

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Sorry, I should have added, I saw this right before I went to bed, so that answers part of the question.
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Do they have the one where I met Fonzie and showed him my cool watch, except it didn't work anymore?
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Due to reasons I have about two or three dreams a night that I can remember enough to decide whether they are worth remembering or not. It just happens. I have a slew of favorites that were worth remembering and a bunch that were just meh.

The tips I have if you want to remember dreams... Stop right now and think about the past hour and everything you thought/did that brought you to the point you are now. The other is maybe a sleep mask and no alarm clock and just easing into being awake and thinking WTF am I thinking about and how did I get here. Then you learn to backtrace your thoughts through your previous dream. You need that bit of half-awake/half-asleep time to sort the things out as far back as you can and practice makes perfect.

My favorite at the moment was worthy of a made for TV movie about an alien invasion that turned into being just the battlefield for two fighting aliens and had spaceship crashes, little green men, some cadets, a glorious celebratory display in space, an after-party with ambassadors that involved an ugly carpet, an old girlfriend, a programmable organ, and a giant orgy.

That one was worth remembering in much more detail. Most are a bit meh.

The things I've learned... I don't fall, I tend to float. I was amazed a few nights ago when someone actually noticed that I was floating. I often go all flubber and start bouncing around like an out of control vampire. There is a good bit of Map vs Territory going on, I can usually place the shape of places in dreams over some real places that I've been, even if the Territory is completely different, the shape is still there. (I think this is lizard brain locomotion memory and exploiting some sort of brain structure).

So I really don't want to get into dreams, there's just too much there.

Bonus: I had a black miasma dream where the screen started spewing black miasma and everybody ran and some got trapped but I met a girl outside and had a conversation until it was too late to run and miasma was closing around and I thought "time to wake up" but didn't. There was a window and a hand reached down, I thought it was salvation but it just gave me a little glowing bead and the window turned into a TV screen and I was watching a generic giant robot anime... then I woke up, just when it was getting good.
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I recently learned about a different British dream archive from the early 20th century:
In an attempt to better understand their colonial subjects in those years, officials in the British empire undertook a curious and little-known research project: to collect dreams from the people of South Asia, Africa and the Pacific. The results were not what they expected.
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My dreams are long and involved. For a time in college I wrote summaries after I woke up, but it filled pages and often required an hour or more after I woke up. Time I didn't have.

I splurged and bought a small voice recorder (this was in the pre-smartphone days), but recording the dreams still took a long time, and after logging two years of files with names like ExVisitedAndBrokeredAPeaceTreatyBetweenTheEarthAndHellButTheDevilWasSamusIWasADogUntilTheBlockParty_More.wav, I stopped because I wasn't sure what to do with them.

Now I only dictate a dream if it is particularly striking, or I need to verify whether a joke is as funny when I'm awake. It never is.

I've never been able to lucid dream, but sometimes I'm aware I'm dreaming. Tried all the tricks. Light switches usually work in my dreams, sometimes I can make out the text in a book. I've never opened one to see blank pages or unreadable symbols.

For the last few years, I've rarely been in my dreams. They play out like TV shows, with other characters. If I am there, I'm rarely myself.

I haven't noticed any themes, aside from the locations: they are often impossibly large malls, apartment complexes, train stations, trains, or campuses. Once it was a plane the size of a skyscraper.

The dreams on this site are fun. Maybe I'll submit something.
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There is no more fearful way to start the day than to hear, "I had an interesting dream last night", in the kitchen as you are making a coffee.
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I’m sorry, I don’t have time for this right now. It’s the last day of add/drops, and I’m having trouble logging into the system!
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Adam Savage's Dream Diary Sculpture is a pretty cool/weird piece of art. The best part was the story of a coworker finding it and being perplexed and a bit weirded out for a while before learning what it actually was.

Adam has the same conclusions, once you start trying to record your dreams as often as possible you just start dreaming and remembering more detail until it becomes a bit too much effort.
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I’m sorry, I don’t have time for this right now. It’s the last day of add/drops, and I’m having trouble logging into the system!

Last day of add/drops? I wish! I have a final in a few minutes for a class I forgot to drop. I haven't attended a single lecture!
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Get out the Markov chains! Now the androids are gonna dream for sure!
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