Is Fast Track Back?
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Is Fast Track Back? The House of Representatives voted 215-212 to give "Fast Track" trade agreement authority to W in the "early morning hours." Is this the return to all that 'globalism' stuff that was newsworthy before 9-11? And, most of all, what is the Senate going to do about it? Tell him to take a flying leap, or jump on the corporate bandwagon?
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Corporate? As an individual consumer, it would delight me.
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Side note: "pre-dawn vote"? Why can't these bozos ever get it together and finish a session right before a break at normal hours? They're like kids who've put off their term papers until the night before they're due. They do this every time. And every time, once they've voted and gone home, the reporters still have to write, record (if applicable), and file their stories.

This makes me hopping mad. I'll get angry about the actual subject matter later.

(Adult Child of Reporter)m
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I am taken aback by the lack of Trackback smack for this Fast Track Back Yak.

I couldn't resist. Now we are pleased to return you to your regularly scheduled programming.
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srboisvert: Quack!
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Maybe the only good thing about the House's late-night sessions is that's when weird stuff almost always happens. I would have liked to stayed for the trade vote, but 3 a.m. on a Saturday is insane. Oh, and the Senate probably will pass it.
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Trackback hack slack not wack--shows knack, deserves plaque.
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I stayed up and watched. My friends think I'm nuts, but, I gotta tell ya it's the funniest show on T.V.

Without yet knowing the complete implications of the bill -- it's seems like a shitty thing to do. Releasing the bill for reading to the members on the internet at 6pm when they were all on the floor debating and voting on Homeland Security, only one copy of the 340 page bill in the House for 400+ members to read, then forcing a vote just 7hrs. later. They all had some information but none had time to read it all. So basically the Republicans pushed through what the Pres. wanted because they could.

They were all scrambling to get stuff done. They need some time management classes!
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