Stranger Fruit
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Stranger Fruit was created in response to the senseless murders of black men across the nation by police violence.
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For the song Strange Fruit which is the basis for the title:

The Tragic Story Behind Billie Holiday's "Strange Fruit.

her performance.

Powerful photography. Thanks for that.
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It’s the American Pietà.
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"The publisher hereof does not attempt to moralize over the deplorable
condition of affairs shown in this publication, but simply presents the
facts in a plain, unvarnished, connected way, so that he who runs may
read. We do not believe that the American people who have encouraged such
scenes by their indifference will read unmoved these accounts of
brutality, injustice and oppression. We do not believe that the moral
conscience of the nation--that which is highest and best among us--will
always remain silent in face of such outrages, for God is not dead, and
His Spirit is not entirely driven from men's hearts.

When this conscience wakes and speaks out in thunder tones, as it must, it will need facts to use as a weapon against injustice, barbarism and wrong.
It is for this reason that I carefully compile, print and send forth these

-Ida B. Wells-Barnett, preface to 'Mob Rule in New Orleans'. 1900.
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Content note for sexual violence against children:

While the mods sort out what to do about the link, I need folks who come by here to know that contains an assertion that Billie Holiday worked at a brothel as a child.

In reality, she was a 13 year old being trafficked by the landlord of that brothel. She and her mother were both arrested and sent to a workhouse.

The criminalization of the bodies of Black children continues to be a problem. While I would prefer sex work be decriminalized, trafficking children is an entirely different class of crime. America continues to treat trafficked kids as criminals and it needs to stop. Billie Holiday was not a prostitute, she was a victim of crime.
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Thank you, OP. Powerful stuff.
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Love Billie Holiday. Above all her songs, each of which she sang like a personal anthem and poem, this one has always pierced my heart.
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And must add this link to EJI's museum/memorial on African American oppression and lynching.
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