Paper models of older computers
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"Construct the computer from your childhood or build an entire computer museum at home with these paper models, free to download and share." via Ian Visits.
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How did I never know until now that the original IBM PC was the model 5150... like Van Halen?
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Atari 8-bit snubbed again.
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I was hoping there would be a papercraft Cray in there.
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No 360/30 either. Not exactly my childhood, but maybe my youth.
The Cray one sounds more to my liking, but the calendar won't be good again until 2030.
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So, people grew up with a Cray or 360/30 in the house?
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No IBM 1620, no IBM 1401, both of which were my exposure to computers in college in the early 1970s. Both would have been cool...

Still, nice collection of detailed models.
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The TRS80 Model 3 was as close as this gets to the first computer I learned on. I had to look up when the Model 1 came out. 1977 (!) yikes. It still surprises me that in the almost 20 year gap between that first school computer and the next I seriously encountered in the mid-90’s, that first brush with BASIC and general configuration lead to an almost intuitive understanding and a real leg up in usability.
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Grew up with a Cray in the house? The Cray was the house.

the roof was leaky as hell and electrocution was a constant threat, but at least we were always warm
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The birth of new technologies is always an exciting time for industrial design. So many different shapes! So many different peripherals! Every keyboard is different! While standardization and commodification lead to lower prices and wider adoption, it definitely lets the wind out of the design sails.
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Apple had a Cray 1 early on, used for design purposes such as flow modelling for the plastics used in cases. It used 115kw of power.
If you signed up for an account on the Cray, you received a t-shirt which said "My Other Computer is a Cray". The back had a stylized picture of a Cray-1 with a Macintosh mouse dangling from it, similar to the Susan Kare inspired Macintosh bicycle drawing. (I can't find a picture of the back of the t-shirt.)
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Blob, the back of the shirt is the second photo in the assets section in your CHM link.
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I love that the models (at least some of them) have swappable screens with different games or other apps shown. It screams out for some stop-motion videos of people the playing of games. If only I had the time and energy.....

Also these would make great props to rob the Computer History museum with and see how long anyone takes to notice
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The Cray was the house.

Luxury! We had to live under the raised floor. We made our living gathering dropped bits to sell at the flea market.
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No Intellivision, either.
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That boom box is totally wild. It has a burglar alarm! I wonder if that's what inspired that Look Around You joke.
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That was my first one as well. I wish I still had it to play around with.
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Would love a paper version of my old TRS-80 Model 100. 4 pound laptop with a dream keyboard that ran off 4 AA batteries.
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The Apple Cray system was installed in a temple. You want down a long hallway with electric torches on the walls before you entered the temple. The lighting was subdued. The Cray was purple. Getting to sit on the Cray was a source of healing. They would take your picture as a memento.
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Wonder if that Vic 20 cassette drive will load games more reliably than the real one I had?
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Loving these 80s computers, the Commodore 64, the TRS-80, the Nintendo GameCube...
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When Apple announced they were using a Cray for design work, Cray said "That's funny, I use Apple for designing Crays"
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There’s no NeXTcube! Then again I bet I could whip up a black cube even with my crummy papercraft handiwork.
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The website is updated several times a month, guys, so your favourite old computer might still appear.
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I remember seeing this at work in the before times (March) and tried to make a c64; unfortunately all I had was thin paper, big scissors, tape, and my clumsy hands.

That it looked recognizable is a testament to the designer. The fact that I shamedly crushed it an hour later is a testament to my craft skills.
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TI 99-4a or GTFO.
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The IBM 360's were also mostly caps-lock. (Unless your 1403 had an SN train)
Computers had to shout back then because of all the air-conditioning noise.
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