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Just a short clip of Mrs. Hawkins the K-8 dance teacher leading the students down a hallway at the Birney School in Southfield, Michigan to Michael Jackson's Thriller (SLYT, pre-COVID-19)
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Thank you. That was lovely. And the teacher in particular is an amazing dancer.
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No way in hell I would have tried something like that when I was in school. But the kids these days . . . Are fucking amazing! They really are. They are not as good at some thing's as we were, but are way better at things we didnt know existed.
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They seem to be having a very good time, and they have clearly learned things. Yay, school!
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Loved the joy on the other kids faces. An amazing environment. When I went to school, some 300 years ago, it was all about being the coolest and mocking/bullying anyone who expressed themselves.
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This makes me happy! As a man who loves to dance, I just wish I could spot some young men to step up for this. I'll settle for the joy in the crowd on that one.
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You can learn this dance yourself. The whole thing is broken down into sections with instruction and demonstrations here, at Thrill The World.
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That made my morning :)
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So much joy and that teacher is an incredible dancer. Needed that this morning!
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Joy! :D
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Guess who they're going to remember as their favorite teacher?
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Those are some happy zombies!
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God, that's good choreography. I'm impressed with the kids (especially that they do the passing lines!), but the Thriller choreography deserves some kind special commendation. It's not that hard, and if you do it sincerely, it looks fantastic.
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The choreography in the Thrill The World lessons isn't quite exactly what is done by the troupe in the music video short film, but what is left out is body element isolation stuff that normal people can't just do. But it's very close, and is a lot of fun to learn.

I decided to learn it after seeing 13 Going On 30, which has a great scene involving the Thriller dance in it. Unfortunately, I have never been in a situation where could just unleash it unexpectedly in public, and I've sort of forgotten a lot of it.

I should practice it back up. It was fun to do.
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Thanks for posting this. What a much-needed spot of brightness!
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Wow! that's great dancing and great teaching.
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I didn't catch that Ms. Hawkins is the dance teacher when I first watched the video, and was like, damn, that classroom middle school teacher can really dance. I love that she has her students dancing in the hallway, what a terrific way to show all the other students that dance is about the joy of expressive movement to music, in any context or setting--and that there is additional joy in sharing it.
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So amazing - not just the dance but watching middle schoolers let loose and have un-self-conscious fun in front of their peers.
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I love that all these years later, the choreography in Thriller is such that it's just *instantly* recognizable. You can't mistake it for anything else. That's what being truly iconic is.
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