The Mad Magazine Fold-In Effect in CSS
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The Mad Magazine Fold-In Effect in CSS After 65 years at Mad Magazine, comic artist Al Jaffee announced his retirement. Jaffee was best known for his Mad Fold-Ins, where folding the page would reveal a hidden message in the artwork. Plenty of examples can be found on the web. The problem is, they all show the before and after statically, side by side, which diminishes the magic (see here and here). There’s a whole generation who may have only seen the fold-ins in this format.
Of course I had to create the paper folding effect for the web.
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This is really cool, thanks for posting!

So many hours spent staring at fold-in and the margin drawings of Mad. So many.
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I wish the examples were bigger. But cool.
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This is SO COOL.
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I wish the examples were bigger. But cool.

macOS has an accessibility option I use all the time, a certain key combination (for me command-option-+ or -) will zoom in on the screen where the mouse cursor is placed, with incremental levels for zooming in and a zoom-out with one click.

It's possible your OS as something similar, but I am not sure what it is.

If you're using macOS and don't know about this, go to your System Preferences and look at Accessibility and you'll find a place where you can turn it on or adjust how it behaves.
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As a person who last did any serious work with CSS ten years ago: what is this sorcery? Who put 3D animation in here, that isn't what CSS is for!
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(to be clear this is really cool, in case that came across as grumpy)
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Issue #525 got me with the Heisenberg fake-out.
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After 65 years at Mad Magazine, comic artist Al Jaffee announced his retirement.





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That’s not even a lot of code!

(“We don’t buy it by the line.”)
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It’d be really cool if there was a web equivalent of folding, like responsive folding.
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To be fair, Jaffee wasn’t the first with the concept; IIRC, the WW2 resistance in the Netherlands (I think) had a pamphlet titled “There Are 5 Pigs”, in which four ordinary drawings of pigs turned into a portrait of Hitler.
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Interesting! Google indicates it was Allied propaganda originating in Britain but distributed in various places. I can see versions in Dutch, Arabic and Polish on an initial search.
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More on the WWII fold-ups
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On the subject of Al Jaffee, I highly recommend Al Jaffee's Mad Life: A Biography, with illustrations by Jaffee himself.
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this is sooooo cool!! the only aspect of my career as a front-end web developer that I get excited to geek out about is CSS related stuff. I'm going to be drooling over this for a while.
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This is clearly using F.M. technology.
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I also love the comments on that post, in which the author debugs problems with his code that people were finding.
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snappy debugs to stupid problems?
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I’m glad that people like this post, which just reproduces a cool project’s description basically verbatim. If you haven’t yet, maybe go to it and give it a token, meaningless upvote?
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Apparently this thread is supposed to also be about Al Jaffe's retirement, so let me add a few links here to expand this into that topic.
Completely mindblowing that Al Jaffee has been going strong all these years. One of my favorites from very early on. Probably like a lot of folks on this site, I've lost track of both him and Mad Magazine over the decades. Maybe a rabbit hole to jump into one of these days... Another interview from when he was just 95 years old in the Guardian
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