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Drive and Listen is a mashup of YouTube city driving videos with the same city's local radio stations. Pick a location, sit back and relax.
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Wow this was very relaxing to have while i'm at work right now. I've had next to no desire to ever go to france, but seeing the Nice coast might have changed me mind
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I do like the option of disabling the radio and just turning on the "street noise" so that you're just watching a stream of someone driving with their inside the car driving sounds.

Loving this so much. It has a very quality. Reminds me of a lot of the truck simulator games that you can watch that have this same energy and vibe. Thanks for sharing.
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Wow I didn't know I needed this so much. It's a going outside simulator!
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This is excellent. I'm back outside again and very thankful. :)
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I really like it - it does have weird pop-up ads on iOS, though. (Or is it me?)
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This is really neat. It's surprising how much big cities around the world look similar at street level (at least in the clips we see here). If I wasn't paying super close attention, I'd guess that Beijing was Toronto. St. Petersburg could pass for that hotel/retail area you pass as you're approaching the airport in many US cities.
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I'm a sentimental crying type to begin with, but the several months of stay-at-home orders has somehow made me even more so.

I live in the Bronx, and since I don't drive and am disinclined to get into public transportation just yet, I have not been outside my immediate neighborhood in ages.

The "New York City" drive made me nostalgic, and when they got really close to Grand Central, gave a nice cathartic cry. I want to believe I will see a lot of my beloved city again--in person--but it seems like a dream right now. Seeing at least this much was a reminder of what it looks like, and I enjoyed it, tears notwithstanding.
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It's surprising how much big cities around the world look similar at street level

This might have a little to do with car culture. The São Paulo drive goes through one of its most interesting neighborhoods, Bixiga, but it does so on a Robert Moses-like expressway that cut through it in the 70s so you don't see anything.
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Very cool. Needs New Orleans + WWOZ.

(Also I had the notion to start up GTA: Vice City just to listen to the radio stations in my virtual stolen car)
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LOL The Tokyo drive has that thing where people ride around in Mario Karts!
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Stockholm might be a little triggering if you don't like winter driving.
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Wow watching as someone drives you through downtown Miami is a million times more pleasant and relaxing tban actually driving that exact route.

It’s striking how different the experiences are.
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This is so cool!!!!
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jonathanhughes : It's surprising how much big cities around the world look similar at street level

The drive from the airport looks the same a lot of the time, growing more distinct as one approaches where the city's label would be placed on a map.
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Very, very, very cool. I've been desperately missing travel lately and this doesn't really make the knife twist any less, but it's so pleasurable. Although now I wish it had 360-degree cameras, so I could pop on a VR headset and look around for maximum taxi ride gawking.
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ALSO I've only driven around San Francisco a couple of times and it was beautiful but incredibly stressful with the hills so this is way, way better.
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So cool that some aren't cars, but motorbikes and even bicycles!

Tel Aviv and Rome are motorbike ones that I've found so far, and Wuhan looks to be a cyclist!
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Must be more than one video per city then, freeethefeet, as the Wuhan video I just saw was definitely in a car.
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I watched three videos in a row from Tokyo. One looked like a business district, with a decent view of that giant tower thingy. Then there was one shot on an expressway with lots of turns, and sometimes it was elevated and sometimes it went through tunnels. The last one was of the Ginza district at twilight. The expressway video is my favorite and I will watch it again.
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The visuals I see in the Singapore version are _very very close_ to my office. The visuals along with Gold 90.5 FM makes me feel as if I'm taking a cab to work.

(Oooh, now the visuals are at CBD proper, next to Suntec. Judging by the traffic and the F1 lights etc in various stages of (dis)assembly, I'm guessing the video was taken on a Saturday morning in late Aug / early Sept 2019. Definitely not recent, as all the coffee shops are open and Lau Pa Sat has crowds. :) )

As for the other city roads I'm intimately familiar with, Barcelona: seems to me the driver is taking a long route from Diagonal towards the general direction of Passeig de Gracia/ Rambla by crossing Carrer d'Arago somewhere. Getting frustrated with this route; would have taken a completely different route. :)

Relaxing in general. Haven't stepped out in a while thanks to Covid.
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The Amsterdam drive starts off at the Rijksmuseum and turns onto Stadhouderskade towards the Heineken museum, but then it takes off northwards up the Vijzelstraat towards the centre, and right back out again southwards down the Utrechtsestraat. Like the cydonian says about Barcelona, this isn't a route any Amsterdammer would drive in order to actually get anywhere; only for fun.
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These make me so motion sick. Man I suck.
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The rumors about Delhi's devil-may-care attitude toward traffic laws seems to check out. That ride starts off with about half a dozen near-misses of oncoming cars. For a minute I swore the driver was going down a one way street. Also, generous horn deployment. I am glad I'm just along for a very remote ride.
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I'm a sentimental crying type to begin with, but the several months of stay-at-home orders has somehow made me even more so.

Oh gosh, me too. I lived in LA for a long time, and when I clicked on that city's view the starting point was a spot in Venice Beach that I must have biked through hundreds and hundreds of times. I immediately got a little lip tremble. And I don't even like or miss LA! Just the time, the people, the experiences... yeah, not getting out much for a few months has really amped up my ease of dropping into this weepy/thoughtful headspace. I did not expect a video of someone driving past a dog park I used to go to to be what did it today.
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I'm a little confused by the ability to listen to KCKK FM in the New York City drive. East of the Mississippi, tv and radio station call letters start with "W". KCKK is out of Littleton, CO, only a couple thousand miles away
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