You Have Selected: Power Drive
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After 25 years, your wait for a playable version of Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge from The Simpsons is finally over.
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*chef kiss*
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Includes many exciting features such as: Number Input, Power Settings and Parking Lot.

Oh, hell, yes.
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Actually, I have selected: Pet doge
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At first I was amazed at the voice acting. It sounds just like Lee Carvallo from that episode! But surely they had to somehow record new lines to account for the gameplay options that weren't shown in the TV episode, right?

Somehow I learned nothing from "her sweet can" about splicing clips to make new content.
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Shut up, mom!
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(that was my impression of the spoiled brat that gets Bonestorm, btw)
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Nope, no new lines necessary – Lee Carvallo says all of the options available in the game in the original episode (since he keeps advising the player to use a putting motion with a putter for his putting challenge).

Now having played the original game, I just hope Marge got it on remainder.
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Mom, Bart’s smoking!
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Is this Frog Fractions 3?
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3 wood + power drive + 788 = perfect putt

take that, Carvallo
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Oh boy, video games. That's where I am Carvallo!
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Also forwarding this to my Simpson's loving brother.
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It has been 25 years since I first saw that episode and it has been 0 days since I learned that Lee Carvallo was a fictional character.

I am so smart, S-M-R-T.
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