The Country Gentleman in the Njårdhallen
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Saturday is Chet Atkins’ birthday! Here is Chet Atkins and the Blue Boys ripping it up for an enthusiastic crowd in Oslo on April 15, 1964, as part of a tour to introduce the Nashville sound to Europe.


Alabama Jubilee / Levee Walkin’
Wildwood flower
Yes Ma’am
Greensleeves / The Streets of Laredo
The Peanut Vendor
The Tiger Rag
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Lovely playing, as always, and the B&W footage of people (mostly men?) in white shirts and black ties & coats is a great visual.
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Thanks for posting this! I was born in 1960, and my father was a fan of Chet, so I grew up with his music. I had never seen this clip before, and really enjoyed seeing it, especially since the Nashville sound was so new at the time, and the audience really seemed to enjoy it. It's a shame so many young people will never be exposed to Chet or his music unless they take up guitar playing and are lucky enough to get a teacher who clues them in. I believe that anyone playing the guitar in any genre of music owes an awful lot to Chet, as well as players like Doc Watson, Merle Travis, and Les Paul to name but a few of the giants.
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I believe that anyone playing the guitar in any genre of music owes an awful lot to Chet

I think Chet himself spent a long time trying to rid himself of the "country" guitarist label -- his interests were all over the map, and it's not hard to hear a big jazz influence in his playing. If you saw his Malagueña in this performance, it's really spot-on Sabicas, but he's adding a little swing to it, he's using a thumbpick, he's somehow playing entire melodies using harmonics -- all of this not on a flamenco guitar, but a Gretsch.

Truly mind-blowing.
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Thank you - just what i needed after a long day of WFH in Nashville, TN!
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Man could play the hell of that guitar.
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