Bloomsday to Zoomsday
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Dang, there's so much to choose from!

I think I might get a late start on the 29+-hour stream from RTE, though. See you tomorrow night!
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The Irish Repertory theatre has made their 2019 performance of YES! Reflections of Molly Bloom available through YouTube Live, but you have to register for the free "tickets" (a private link).
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I was unexpectedly drafted into participating in a Filthy Joyce Reading competition in a small-town Irish pub a few years ago on Bloomsday, where we were given some salacious passages from Joyce and asked to perform them. I lost to a local radio DJ, which I have to admit felt like being an amateur going up against a pro.
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It's June 16? What?
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Every year I see this post and say to myself, "You should read this book before next June" but then I never do.
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From where I sit, the New Bloomusalem sounds pretty good right about now.
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I have begun Ulysses twice and never got further than page 50 or so. And yet, for a decade now I had this idea of sitting down on Bloomsday and read as much of Ulysses what I can possibly can. To not stop for anything, whether it's unknown words or (literary) references but instead let the language just wash over me.

That's what I did - virtually nonstop - for the last 17 hours now and I managed to get to chapter 16. And while I don't regret this ...experiment* to finally find a way into the book (it certainly got me more curious about it and there are a few chapters I would like to re-read), I'm very close to breaking my brain and desperately need to sleep off some of the more enigmatic and/or obnoxious chapters now...

(* Because yes, I know, this is presumably not the 'proper' way to read this book.)
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bigendian, this is how I was told to read big difficult books, in college. Just keep going, whether you understand what you are reading or not. (Then re-read, if you want to understand, or if you need to pass the course....)
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Also my birthday, the night of the Watergate break-ins.
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