How an Agoraphobic Traveler Wanders the Earth
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You can just parachute anywhere. You can be on one side of the world and then two seconds later be on the other side, and never have to worry about flying, borders, any of that. – Jacque Kelly has been traveling the world for the past 4 years using Google Street View. [previously]
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I've been doing the same. Either directly through Street View, or the randomness of Geoguessr. One interesting source for "travel" ideas comes from /r/UrbanHell. Someone posts a photo of a place they consider ugly or harsh or horrific. The comments often feature residents of the city, who explain why their hometown isn't terrible at all (or why it really is the worst) and include Street View links if available. A surprisingly educational, if a bit contentious, subreddit.

Anyways, here's my favorite unique find from wandering in very remote areas. I won't spoil the surprise.

And here's my second favorite. This is a link. They have their own version of Street View and they've gotten access to some places in Russia where Google hasn't. This link lets you tour Norilsk on a warm summer day. Norilsk is infamous for being a post-Soviet polluted wasteland in a remote frozen landscape, and is frequently posted to UrbanHell. But the Yandex tour of the place shows a more nuanced view. It's quite fascinating to me.
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There's a microphone in that picture! He's singing! (is there audio?) ...That part of that town looks nice. The rest looks like where Chappie grew up.
I just checked to see if this is available in VR. Yes, but not PlaystationVR...yet(?) ah well...
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ayup, me too, traveling in areas of Japan I didn't get to in 7+ years (~90% of the country, sigh).

I do wish their StreetView cars had recorded the soundscape, too, that would have been cool.
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A soundscape map? Here you go. Or maybe this one.
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Norilsk appears to have a lot of lemon and strawberry cakes that Wes Anderson ordered.
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I can parachute me there!
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You know what would be the killer audio feature...local radio stations.
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If anything's appropriate for this time, it's this. Thank you.
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Local radio stations? Step right this way.
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Just tried Radio Garden, as per ReginaHart. Interesting and depressing. The same crap pop music every fucking place you try. Arrr.
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