just a generalization of the feeling of isolation
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numb - a short film // life in lockdown by teen filmmaker liv mcneil, in 203 seconds (music by M83)
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Impressed also by her thoughtful note on her own work.
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Yeah, be sure to hit that little down arrow ▼ on YouTube to see what she wrote about her video.

Also, it's worth noting that Sarah Polley tweeted about this:
This (very short) film is a masterpiece about the lockdown made by Grade 9 student Liv McNeil. Do yourself a favour and take three minutes to watch it. Best film I've seen in a long time. Just. Wow.
12:18 PM · Jun 18, 2020
...and that's how it came to my attention.
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the kids are alright
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I love this. I'm impressed at how well she captured the feelings of a 53 year old white dude.
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This makes me very sad thinking about my own 15 year old daughter and how hard it's been for her (improving lately as things open up a bit more here in NH).

The dad in me wants to tell her it's not good to do homework on your bed because your neck will hurt and you'll just want to take a nap.
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That was really awesome work.
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My kids have turned 9 and 13 during lockdown and have been trying to keep up with schoolwork on Microsoft Teams day after day after day, and this feels so true that it's reduced me to tears.
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Etobicoke School of the Arts!
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PROPS to Liv McNeil. This is a beautiful and stirring film. My two daughters are hanging in there, but/and this really resonates.
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Yes, this is why I want to believe that universities reopening in the fall will be okay. My son has been so isolated since March. I know he would rather wear a mask all the time and see his friends than spend another semester at home, but not all college students are known for their responsible long-term thinking. I seriously feel like right now we have a choice between physical health and mental health, and it shouldn't have to be this way, but we need leadership and enforcement and neither of those things is happening in the US.
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Wow. That hit hard. I worry about my 13 year old, because I suspect he feels just like this. And not that far from how I feel too.
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This kid's got the chops. Her other movies are impressive too.
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