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Intentional Reading and How to Diversify Your Reading Material is the most recent YouTube video from creator Seji at The Artisan Geek, part of BookTube on YouTube.

The Big Problem with Booktube | Black Lives Matter
The constant depreciation and tokenization of people from marginalized groups as well as the silence from a lot of prominent people within the community are in my opinion the major factors. Some people think that their silence is a way of staying neutral in this matter. But in reality it is a non-action that speaks volumes as to where you actually stand. Because there really is no middle ground here. Either you value everyone regardless of their ethnicity, or you don't. It's really as simple as that.

four african-american classics you (probably) haven't heard of

Black Classics I KNOW you have never heard of [CHALLENGE]
So a couple of weeks ago I made a video called african-american classics you (probably) haven't heard of. I put "probably" in brackets but I was just being nice. I know you all didn't know them. One of you, however, had to be a smarty-pants about it, didn't believe that I had what it took to show you books you hadn't heard of before...

grew some | #BlackLivesMatter - a poem and a painting and more thoughts on racism

Her channel includes reviews in Japanese, reviews of books she is reading in Dutch and German and many more book-related vlogs.

The Artisan Geek website
List of Diverse Reviewers
What is BookTube article at HuffPost
BookTube is the unofficial name given to a collection of YouTube channels that discuss all things bookish. Each day, thousands of online creators, or BookTubers, share videos about books they love (and hate), literacy, fandom and being generally crazy for reading.
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The Big Problem with BookTube was the first video I watched from this creator and from BookTube. (It was a recent suggestion from YouTube though I had never heard of BookTube before.) This channel as well as other BookTubers I have also watched recently - in particular about racism in their community to see how other communities are talking about this in the current moment - have seen a big uptick in likes and subscriptions, and have voiced concern that the support may be temporary and/or fake because non-Black allies will not stick around.

I can only speak for myself but I really love her style, delivery of interesting info and excellent book reviews. I hope to read at least a few of these books, though admittedly I don't read nearly as much as I used to. Dangit.
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thanks for this post. the few videos I've seen of booktube were real cringy and reminded me of goodreads drama. loving this woman tho.

I've been wanting to find reviews of other countries and other groups classics that I've been ignorant of and she seems like an awesome start. I've been also wanting to read the most popular history book (that isn't acedemic) from every culture lately as man, my secondary school education only taught Canadian and British and France from a real white viewpoint.
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It did occur to me while making this post that her audience may skew quite a bit younger (teens, 20s, 30s?) than the average age at Metafilter (myself included). But still worth posting. :)
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