Alicia Keys -- Tiny Desk Concert
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If you want to be Happy, if you want to feel Joy, if you want a blast of Pure Art and Beauty, see this video. I'd never heard her name prior to seeing this Tiny Desk Concert mentioned on but I trust that most Tiny Desk Concerts are at least interesting and often spectacular. (Hello Adele.) So I staggered over there yesterday afternoon and my internet connection kept flopping so I downloaded it, watched it just before going out on my bicycle ride, couple hours ago. Alicia Keys had tears coming down my cheeks, just such a great artist. She's beautiful but that's easy, what's not easy is her kind of beautiful, smiles that make it all the way into her eyes. And her band absolutely kicks ass.
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I knew of Alicia Keys from her popular hits and liked her well enough, but I was completely bowled over when I saw her play live. I was expecting her to sit at a piano and be kind of boring. I was so wrong about that. She has so much swagger and was such a fun performer! Thank you for posting! This is a good way to kick off a Friday :)
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This was such a great tiny desk - she is just a remarkable performer. So much joy in the room!
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I love Alicia Keys. I know it's been almost two decades but every time I hear her open Fallin' I get chills.
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That was amazing, so heartfelt and relaxed. Perfect start to a warm summer weekend.
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Just ran into this last night; great set. I didn't particularly care for the pop scene she was part of back in the day, but she always stood out as a solid performer; nice to see that she's still got it. Great performance, really solid band.
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Earlier this month, NPR released a Tiny Desk Concert from one of my favorite rappers, Sa-Roc. If rap is a genre you enjoy, you might enjoy it.
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Fallin' is so iconic that I actually misremembered the song as being a cover of a classic R&B number. I assumed a woman as young as she was then couldn't have had that much range and depth. I forgot that she actually wrote that while still a teenager. In short, yes, she's amazing.
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Whelp, I'm with danceswithblue in missing both the train and the station, but to make up for it I'll just drop in these: posted by flug at 6:08 PM on June 26 [2 favorites]

Phenomenal. Love seeing such talented musicians seemingly enjoying themselves so much. Thanks for posting, dancestoblue. And thanks to NPR and Keys' people for making this happen before covid shut everything down!
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Working on Bob Boilen's floor at NPR must be such a chore...
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Also, how much resonance does Rise Up have today, in this COVID moment? Prescient, indeed.
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More from Alicia Keys "The B Sides" from Songs in A Minor
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Always have a soft spot in my heart for her surprise cover on the Fallon show.
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