Type Lore: men and women behind the fonts
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"Type Lore" is intended to supply the main facts regarding the development of types. It seeks to aid comprehension and remembrance by an ostensible discussion of the present day's most popular faces of type, which, considered in the order that their ancestors came upon the scene, serve as a background for relating the leading facts of typographical lore. Type lore : popular fonts of today, their origin and use; the history of the art of typography succinctly related for practical men (1925) That dated history of type is focused on famous men (99 Designs). To expand that scope, here's Alphabettes.org, "a showcase for work, commentary, and research on lettering, typography, and type design [...] to support and promote the work of all women in our fields."

More links:
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Clicked on the article about Nüshu first & it was very cool! Thanks for this.
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Cancel Eric Gill (Gill Sans, Perpetua, Joanna, etc.).
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Heh. And to think that the MLTSHP post that inspired the inspiration for this post was about English artist printmaker & designer Elizabeth Fraser and her typographic Glint Game.

and, yes, that Nüshu article is very sweet: "Four Treasures be damned: I've got a stick and some soot off the wok, and no man's gunna stop me writing to my bestie back home".

Have to mention Rosemary Sassoon, designer of the Sassoon family of faces. Her design was used as one of the earliest anti-aliased vector fonts on the Acorn Archimedes computer. She also wrote the practical and entirely non-preachy Teach yourself better handwriting, based on her research on post-trauma writing rehabilitation. I recommend her autobiography: training to be a designer in 1950s England must have been almost impossibly hard for a woman since the culture was as male-dominated as Jiangyong.
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scruss, thanks for making that connection, and those extra links.
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