Ominous Big Heads Floating Toward You
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Beware, the Big Heads are coming for you over the meadows. By Artist Bedwyr Williams. (Via)
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Zardoz has spoken.
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To contextualise these, the heads are all the head of Dominic Cummings, the power behind the throne of Boris Johnson, and a political appointee on the science panel advising the UK gov. At the height of COVID in the UK, Cummings drove 400 miles with his wife and child. He then proceeded to visit several local landmarks, despite having possibly being infected. And then he drove 60 miles 'to test his eyesite', before driving back. All of this was entirely counter to the advice being given by the government
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... and then Johnson refused to sack him. Despite the enduring disgust of the British people, Cummings is still in post today,
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@The River Ivel, aha! I did not know that!
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This isn't my work. Attribute is in the original mltshp post. I asked the artist if I could post them and got no response, so I'm expecting one day to be told to take them down.
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I also wish Cummings had driven to Bournemouth this week to 'test his eyesight'
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@zengargoyle because I've never seen Zardoz, now I understand more of the message....
@poo rusher oh i was not aware of that... oh well... here we are
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I do sort of want the head to be yelling "THE GUN IS GOOD! THE PENIS IS EVIL!" but that would be too on the nose.
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Yeah the "gun is good" line maye too on the nose, but how about the lesser known following bits of the speech, about going forth to kill the brutals, to cleanse the earth? Could be OK...
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"Incoming message from the Big Giant Head!"
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I think I saw these on Bedwyr William's instagram feed, so I thought they were his?
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I thought the battle against the giant heads in the sky was long past.
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Booo, Not Cool!
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They are Bedwyr Williams videos, I attribute them in the mltshp posts. Growabrain if you could update this post I think that would be more preferable and I would appreciate it. I am only the messenger.
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Poo rusher, There’s no way to change the original post, but the artist is here
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[Updated the post wording, let me know if that's not correct]
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