A good head on your shoulders
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The term "object head" refers to a specific type of character in which the individual has, as may be surmised, an object for a head.

Salvador Dalí's Woman with a Head of Roses represents an early example of the concept, while more modern versions include Silent Hill's Pyramid Head or the titular character in the platformer Cuphead. Object heads have appeared in various other video games, anime series, children's novels, comic books, and anti-piracy ads. They are particularly popular in web comics. The simply named Object Heads Tumblr showcases the many strange and wonderful ideas that artists have brought to life, including roses, pianos, candles, microwaves, bird cages, paint brushes, post-it notes, megaphones, popcorn, smoke, treasure chests, cake, plants, barcodes, and the moon. Televisions are a popular subject, making their way into the world of cosplay as well. The trend has also spawned its own tarot deck and zine, and recently made the news when a man wearing a TV monitor made unusual deliveries to Virginia residents.
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I'll add to the collection: Nuthead.
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My first thought was of Chairface Chippendale's attack on the Moon.
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Flaming Carrot. Ut!
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Me too, Wobbuffet!
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The Blockheads from Gumby!
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Well hello, equals!
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Mr Canoehead! Canada's greatest aluminum crimefighter! Sorry for the poor video quality
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I see you have all fallen for my ploy to collect the best object head content on the web. Keep ‘em coming. ;)
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Does Buckethead count?

If not, then certainly Turnip Head?

Or perhaps The Mighty Boosh's own Jaques Le Cube?
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The TV-headed people in Saga
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Object Heads are also about 30% of the aesthetic of Monte Cook's Invisible Sun.
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The Chicken Boy of Los Angeles.
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I just immediately thought of The Residents (better image in this reissue article).

What a great post! That Tumblr is pretty amazing.

Thank you, brook horse!
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Frank Sidebottom ! Special case; A human fake head for a head.
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Surely this.
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Je suis L'Homme à Tête de Chou.
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Too Much Coffee Man!
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Post title: A good goat head on your shoulders

*stands back*
*dusts off hands*
posted by GenjiandProust at 3:37 AM on June 29

Don't forget LemonHead candy and his formerly racist friends CherryHead and GrapeHead.

(If you forget him, he'll haunt your dreams.)
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When I lived in Chicago a long time ago there was a sax player called World for a Head. He or she used a globe to achieve the effect. I don’t remember how they managed to play their instrument.
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Shark Girl
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Professor Poo.
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The Cryptics or "symbolheads" from Brandon Sanderon's Stormlight Archive series.
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There's also the Ren And Stimpy classic, Powdered Toast Man!
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Flashes me back to being about five years old at Grandma’s house. My cousin and I took two of his headless action figures and replaced their missing noggins with a seashell and a sneaker-shaped eraser, creating the epic adventures of Shellyhead and Sneakerhead.
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Post title: A good goat head on your shoulders

I have conferred with several reputable sources* and despite the implications on the TV Tropes page we agree that animal heads don't count. They're adjacent and also quite good but they're not object heads. Now, if the head were an entire goat, that would count.

Basically the easier it is to kiss, the less likely it is to be an object head.

*a buncha gays
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I accidentally did this in Sims 4 a month ago. I didn’t even know why it was possible, let alone that it was a thing.
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Post title: A good goat head statue of a goat head on your shoulders

*Sigh* Fixed

It's this process that produces people with rotating robotic goat heads, you know....
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Chairface Chippendale
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To be fair, the Amazing Screw-On Head is more a human head with devices for bodies....
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Soldiers in the Screwball Army -- bolts with rotating nuts
posted by Rash at 2:54 PM on June 30

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