Beginnings of animation
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A yt playlist of 1902-1919 films by Segundo de Chomón. Also, here's a list of his films, ranked.

Animacam: "Although the cinema of Chomón perhaps does not fit completely with what today we understand as animation, since in his films we could also find people of flesh and bone acting, it is certain that many of his techniques used to create tricks and optical illusions are directly linked to the techniques of animated cinema. For these reasons it can not be denied that this Spanish Méliès should be considered as one of the pioneers in the beginning of the animation."
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Oh wow A Dreadful Night is hysterical and only two minutes long, check it out. Thanks sapagan, if that's any guide then these are brilliant.
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Right up my alley!

Never heard of Segundo de Chomón, so this is a nice surprise.
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