Indigo Girls expand Country Radio with Black, Brown, and Queer Musicians
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Indigo Girls' latest album includes the song Country Radio, a paean to being a queer kid listening to straight songs. In an article in The Bluegrass Situation, Amy and Emily engage in perhaps the most outspoken discussion of politics and race I've ever seen from them and provide a playlist of country and Americana songs that address diversity, heteronormitivy, race, and gender.

I've never really seen the Girls talk like this before in an article. There are several YouTube links in the article plus an extended Spotify playlist linked.
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I've been playing the hell out of their new album.
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I have been, too. It's a great piece of work, and I'm thankful for it in the midst of this shitshow of a year.
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Bluegrass is being dragged into the modern world as well. A couple of years ago Bluegrass Pride had a float in the San Francisco Pride parade and won best float.

Rhiannon Giddens... just Rhiannon Giddens. See previously , previously , previously , previously , and more previously .
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