The Tony Hill Rig
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In 1984, filmmaker Tony Hill created a contraption, the 'Satellite Crane', to revolve a camera around a subject. He used it to create an experimental film, 'Downside Up', and a music video for Cabaret Voltaire: 'Sensoria'.

A few years later, in 1992, Simon Tayler took Hill's idea of a revolving camera further. He created a 360-degree camera rollover rig for U2's 'Even Better Than The Real Thing' music video.
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These are neat. For another wacky camera rig spinning about, see also Michael Snow's La Région Centrale (1971).

Happy Canada Day, eh?
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Seemed like every episode of ER had the camera circle around a scene horizontally. Good thing nobody told those directors about this technology!
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For another wacky camera rig spinning about, see also: A$AP Rocky - A$AP Forever (Official Video) ft. Moby
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That amazing Sensoria video - even as seen on a 13-inch black-and-white TV in 1986 - made a powerful impression on college me. Been following Cabaret Voltaire and its various offshoots ever since.
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Is this how they did the 360 episode of Late Night with David Letterman?
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He also made the video for Pomme Fritz by The Orb, which fascinated me when it first came out. That was a curious time, when post-rave ran into what was left of the earlier hippy culture (not sure where Tony Hill fits in exactly, but it of a piece with that). c.f Megatripolis.
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I bought the 7" of Sensoria based on seeing that video, and spent far too long trying to work out how the crane shots had been done.
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The camera move in the Sensoria video fascinated me so much I posted an Ask about it some years back. It was such a cool, cheap effect I'm amazed it didn't turn up in dozens of 80s music videos.
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