A sad harvest
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This post was deleted for the following reason: The Thai coconut industry, and the role of macaques and changes in that over time, seems like an interesting subject for a post, but per some of the comments below I think that post could have more depth and currency in its sources and more care in the phrasing used. Maybe give this another go tomorrow? -- cortex

"Enslaved" may not be the best way to put this. It's not a word used in the article.
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I'm sorry, I did think it was a word used in the article. I will double check that. Mods will you remove that word?
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Here is where I saw it in the article. It actually refers to monkey slavery so I felt like I could use the word enslave. "Animal-aware people are increasingly avoiding coconut products that come from monkey slavery,"
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Note this article is from 2015. Also contains many quotes from people saying the monkeys are not abused; not sure the article supports your framing of "kidnapped" or "enslaved".

Here's Atlas Obscura's take. And here's an article from yesterday: British Supermarket Stops Selling Coconut Products Allegedly Harvested by Thai Monkey Slaves. This action after a PETA campaign.
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