Bichopalo's noises and frankenstein creations
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Musician/ sculptor Bichopalo builds complex music machines from unusual objects. The machines feature plants where possible as well as other natural elements like sticks and water. They also include small spherical elements that double as bird houses to host Bichopalo’s two pet birds, Pico and Verdi. (Designboom) (Instagram) (short videos re-posted to Imgur)
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He also has a personal website, which states "New album soon! [...] I'm working hard to share my music as soon as possible!" But there's not much more information or material on the site at the moment.
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These look like they walked right out of Samorost.
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That's a deep cut (and a dead link in that old MeFi post; looks like you can still play Samorost online, from the developer, and still in flash :) )
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his birds must be nicer than any of the birds I have had, because mine would be stripping the wires off of those lovely constructs pretty much immediately.
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Lovely music and lovely birbs. Just what I needed this morning.
posted by Splunge at 6:04 AM on July 4

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