There is no support for this Israeli position.
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There is no support for this Israeli position. If you do not believe me, then just look here and here. This girl seems to agree with me, but wants your input too [javascript required]. However, in all fairness, this guy doesn't think the Israelis have a leg to stand on, and this guy thinks its dope.
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however, this guy found it incredibly funny.
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It's unclear whether the US has released this technology to Israel, but Boeing is working on something similar. Maybe. (It's all worth it for the "Q&A" phrasing in the sidebar ... classic.)

Naturally, the college students have an organization to oppose it. Or maybe they're on the same side; it's hard to tell these days.
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I am curious about Cecil Adams' informant "Thom" mentioned in pisky's last link. Sound like anyone we know around here?
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Do Stinger missiles work on these guys?
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This policy is racist!
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it is done with magnets. and camouflage :) yogics in disguise!
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All that hopping must make for some well-defined butt-muscles.... "Buns of Steel" for the New Age set! I see exercise videos! Books! Gadgets! Where's Suzanne Summers? I can make a killing!
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:) More I/P posts like this, please.
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Randi is gonna be all over this.
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Cecil sez:While I don't doubt these people are sincere, all they can give me is a lot of half-baked mumbo jumbo about the "quantum field theory" and the like.

Mmmmm: science fiction science channeled through mysticism. Delicious. Teach 'em about "tachyons" (as understood in sci-fi) and the next iteration of Yogic Flying will allow you to time travel.
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