We want a smaller head, which means it must be pickled for several hours
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“안녕~! (Annyeong!) Dollightful is a channel where old toys are transformed by the power of art into unique, one-of-a-kind characters. Whether you're here for a tutorial, or just to laugh and have fun with the ups and downs of a creative process, there's something here for everyone. "Come for the dolls, stay for the cats" as they say.”

Dollightful is part of the doll customization community, which takes mass-produced (often thrifted) dolls and chops, paints, and sculpts them into new creations. In her Stock Box series, she creates new designs on the fly, while her Eeveelution series recreates Pokémon in doll form with creative input from her fans. Perhaps most impressive are her dragon dolls, featuring techniques such as re-articulated legs, poseable fins, and a 3D-printed tail.

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Captain afab I feel like I am at the beginning of that exact journey. The only thing that stopped me from going, "Wow, I want to try this!" is knowing I would seriously injure myself with a knife. Except about half an hour ago I discovered Kevlar gloves exist and are only $10, so, uh...

If you feel comfortable sharing any of your work, I'd love to see it!
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Captain Afab - can you please expand on why you think other adults would find the hobby of Custom dolls 'unsettling'?

I am curious because I don't understand why it should be any more or less 'weird' than someone being a model train enthusiast, or a miniature war-game figure painter ..?
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I have had a very enjoyable afternoon watching these. Thank you.
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