July 30, 2002
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You've got Jail is a light hearted, easy summer reading and informative article which explodes the myth that malfeasing CEOs get sent to "Club Fed", a prison so minimum in insecurity that its really like an enforced vacation in the country rather than the more typical round of incarceration. Required reading for the Skillings, Rigas, Taubmens and every college student considering an MBA. (So is the MeFi fascination with Prison life an idle one or am I keeping the wrong company?)
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A superb article. Some might say that it sympathizes too much with the convicted, but it merely treats them as human.

No interviews with the lower-class people convicted on drug crimes, though... Would have liked to see their perspective on their white-collar neighbours.

Thanks, BentPenguin.
posted by Marquis at 7:37 AM on July 30, 2002

Good read - thanks for the post.
posted by revbrian at 7:43 AM on July 30, 2002

"The US says the prisoners are well-cared for" caption under the sensory deprivation photo pretty much just sums it all up.

And we wonder why people aren't rehabilitated in prison.

Great links, thanks. I feel enlightened.
posted by xyzzy at 7:50 AM on July 30, 2002

This was refreshing. When you see the culture of greed and corruption and the reports of CEO's leaving their positions with wonderful parachutes of pension puffery, it is reassuring to know that when and if the investigations lead to convictions they won't be playing tennis in club fed.
The prison camp movement that began in the late '80s and flourished in 90's has been helpful for "correcting" minor drug offenders, DUI convictions and even some domestic violence offenders in Colorado. I have read the stats, but blast if I can find them now. Anyway, adding to that list the white collar criminal and the belief that they can't just walk away from their corporate calamities - baby steps to progress.
posted by majikwah at 11:34 AM on July 30, 2002

Thanks for posting that. I knew I was going to be happy when I saw "Kenny Boy" Lay doing his perp walk on TV. Now I will be just that much more elated that he will be actually treated like a real criminal.
posted by sciatica at 12:33 PM on July 30, 2002

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