is cool with it if you turn it into a /p/ /b/ /v/ /ʋ/ /ɸ/ or /β/
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the zodiac as IPA symbols. nerdy silliness from writer S. Qiouyi Lu
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This is delightful despite my lack of knowledge of IPA. I studied music but not voice so I never needed to take classes that required me to learn IPA. I wish I had.

I found this handy chart that is also plays audio for the various sounds. Helped me to get the Gemini "perceived intellectual" joke.
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ooh acidnova thanks for that chart with audio. I too lack IPA knowledge, but was tickled by my zodiac sign being the one thing I do know, the schwa /ə/! I even recently made a FPP on it.
literally the sound that happens when you put the least effort into articulating a vowel
also what happens in english when a vowel isn’t stressed
curled up cozily in the vowel space
goes up to the drive-thru and says “can I get uhhhhhhh”
I straight up giggled at the drive-thru example.
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This is delightful, and I would love to read some more of the author's fictional works!

I only wish my astrology sun sign had anything to do with my personality. I love silly personality things like this, but it's a bummer when the one for your sign doesn't speak to you at all. MBTI, for all its flaws, at least gives me the small glimmer of saying "hey, that's me!" as I look into my purported reflection.

Now imagine a personality quiz that gives you an IPA symbol - any of the possible ones. Diacritics optional. Buzzfeed, I got a pitch to sell you!
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Helped me to get the Gemini "perceived intellectual" joke.

You cɑn't have a pie without ku:l ʍɪp !
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nasal-ingressive voiceless velar trill

həʔ həʔ həʔ həʔ
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super chill
is cool with it if you turn it into a /p/ or /b/ or /v/ or /ʋ/ or /ɸ/ or /β/
willing to let others be louder than them
says the word “fuck” excessively

I feel so seen!
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Is the joke with Aquarius that the sound is like snorking some water out of your sinus cavities?
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And I seem to be the only one who was expecting beer labels.
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Taurus = "goes up to the drive-thru and says “can I get uhhhhhhh”"

Dammit. OK, yeah, I'll cop to it.
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I've never been so happy to be Cancer on the cusp of Leo as I am now.
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Virgo: forgiving, but absolutely WILL change meaning if you move your tongue tip a millimeter and make it dental or dental–alveolar

It’s a fair cop. I feel personally called out, but it’s a fair cop.
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No, I'm with you here not_that_epiphanius.
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I believe the joke with Aquarius is that the description is of a sound like a pig snorting and the symbol looks like a pig snout.

This is fun, thanks!
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Like most Geminis, I never liked IPAs, which is predictable given that you taste bitter on the back of your tongue whereas my first language doesn't have uvular phonemes.

This is my entry in the Wrongest Sentence contest.
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Pretty happy that my sign (Libra) just happens to be my favorite phoneme!
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not_that_epiphanus + slackermagee: I have long dreamt of the pinyin IPA, a witchy brew from Seattle[*] with notes of chrysanthemum.

[*] pinyin = 'spell sound'

I am amused to find another human abusing the .lu ccTLD for their domain. It's the same lu4, even, though it's her family name and my given name.
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I like New England IPAs better than west coast.
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The sign I was born under said "Maternity Ward" and I don't see that here?
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(Lu's pronouns are ae/aer/aerself; ae are also OK with e or they.)
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Oh that's very cool -- I stand corrected ("aer family name") and apologize for the error.
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Who deserves it more? "International Phonetic Alphabet" is much longer than "India Pale Ale" so the former gets more mileage out of the shortening. However IPA is a lot easier to fit on a beer bottle than the full phrase whereas "International Phonetic Alphabet" doesn't really need to fit in a tiny space anywhere. Judges?
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I say we keep abbreviating them both, because conflating them is fun.
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I am not a linguist but had fun playing with the interactive chart. A lot of the sounds are very entertaining when played in quick succession. Pfffffft. Auuuuuuu. Aiiieeeeee. I know, I know.
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I am not a linguist

Are you sure because you sound like one
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