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The Royal Institution in London has been hosting a series of science lectures. The next two deal with quantum mechanics and space weather respectively. In September it will be the science of fireworks. The lectures, held in the Institution's venerable lecture hall regularly sold out pre-pandemic. These online lectures are donate-what-you-can. Previous lectures covered the mathematics of gambling, black holes, superconductors, the neuroscience of consciousness, science & racism, body illusions, the myth of magenta.....

The Royal Institution was founded in 1799. Michael Faraday and Sir Humphrey Davy gave their lectures there. It has quite an amazing history.
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I was thinking that this sounded inspired by Faraday's public lectures, like the famous one about the chemistry of a candle flame.
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"the myth of magenta" is quite a phrase.
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I recently watched one of these by a guy dressed as Michael Faraday on magnetic monopoles. Which are apparently a thing...kind of.
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Looks like I've missed the magenta one, which is a pity, it sounds pretty interesting from just the title.
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I have to stop myself from posting a RI link about every other week or so. I recommend everybody just go and subscribe to their YouTube channel for a while.
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Looks like I've missed the magenta one

Might be region-blocked, but it's showing up in that grid of previous lectures for me in the UK - here's the link. It's a talk from seven years ago.

I actually made it to one of their lectures in person last year. Was planning to do more of that kind of thing this year rather than just going to the pub after work... ah well, YouTube will have to do. Thanks for posting!
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