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The history of Europe: 1000-2020, Agario style, as long as we're doing hypnotizing map animations; here's East Asia too.
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this is amazing. if i taught european history i'd show it on the first day of the semester.
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also i wish the east asia one went back farther, because i don't know as much as i should about east asia before european colonialism.

also the way they animated the u.s. involvement on both maps is hilarious. i was like "yay!" when the u.s. shoved the u.k. at the nazis, and "oh fuck off!" when the u.s. tried to pick up south vietnam and throw it at socialist vietnam.

i wish they had depicted the russian civil war as thoroughly as they depicted the war between communist china and the republic of china — would have been super interesting to see agario depictions of the red army, white army, and black army, instead of just having the russian socialist republic wobble for a few years.

also i was super sad when the byzantines finally bought it. the roman empire alllllmost made it all the way to the european invasion of the americas, but not quite.

oh also i could have done without the pokemon joke on the east asia animation.

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I've never laughed about Poltava before.
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Some of the musical tempo/political realignment synchrony was hillarigreat. Weird to have one of the smoother sections for WWII itself though.

also, having danced to that so often, I kept thinking No! Bad floorcraft! Stop bumping!
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I thought there were some odd choices in terms of what to show and what not. There's a Kingdom of Scotland floating around for a short while, but 1703 just has a blink-and-you-miss-it change where the Kingdom of England label switches to Kingdom of Great Britain - surely with this kind of animation showing two circles merging would have simple enough to do? Ditto for the 1801 Union where the label switches to United Kingdom without showing Ireland being gobbled up.
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Another take on it is this series of maps of all the (surviving?) countries in Europe, but showing for each their largest extent and showing you the date of largest extent.

Now I wonder which locale in Europe has been governed by the largest number of distinct states.
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