I think everyone will be wearing them in the future
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Home Movie: The Princess Bride Oh look, Quibi is good for something! A bunch of (yeah, ok, famous) folks recreate a classic section of a classic movie.
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Diego Luna's "boots" are amazing. Also the fact that the Star Wars veteran is using an umbrella, whereas Jack Black is the one using lightsabers.
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Also, there's something very weird about the deliberate amateurishness being presented by professionals, on a platform designed to encourage at least some forms of amateurism, on a channel owned by a different platform determined at all costs to keep the amateurs out.
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Ha! I ran an art truck called 24 Foot Studios inspired by Be Kind Rewind 'sweded' videos. You were ushered into the truck, given a crappy costume, placed in front of a 8 x 8 printed vinyl backdrop and given one or two lines. I filmed you doing a short scene your friend(s) with your own phone. We did Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones and of course Princess Bride. You can still find some of the scenes online. The major difference between mine effort and Quibi's is mine didn't require $2 billion dollars.
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Everyone said Quibl was weak.
Fair play though there is something very impressive about managing to make the Princess Bride boring.
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WAA! This was amazing!!! Oh wow... it's so fun to see what different actors bring to characters. I always love imagining genre/gender swaps or "if Wes Anderson directed Princess Bride" etc. I also noticed that the charity chosen was one that is paying restaurants to provide meals for those in need, which I think is very very good to do.

Here's an article with "behind the scenes" and interviews. And, I guess they did the whole thing? I think I might have to pack a bowl and chill out later.
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Well I sure as hell wasn't going to watch it on Quibi, so thanks.
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Patton Oswalt as Wallace Shawn was pitch-perfect.
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My daughter and I watched The Princess Bride the other day, and at the "everyone will be wearing them" line, we both went wow. When we watched Mockingjay, she kept saying "I feel like we're living this."
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I wasn't expecting to watch all of it but that was a lot of fun. Oswalt really nailed Wallace Shawn that's for sure emelenjr. Kaitlyn Dever also was pretty great as the Dread Pirate Roberts, got that haughtiness down.
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Patton Oswalt as Wallace Shawn was pitch-perfect.

As was Diego Luna. They were all pretty much on point and didn't deviate from the original performances... except Oswalt doing Wallace Shawn's death scene. I think Oswalt wisely realized that he just couldn't top one of the best death's in film history.
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I know it's not the thing they were going for, but I would have loved to see Jon Hamm and Patton Oswalt actually do their scene together.
Also Big Dave Bautista is a great Fezzik.
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I am working on "Robin Hood: The Musical" right now and sent that out to the cast since we have sword and stick fighting in it. They did a great job of making everything look very close (particularly in the poison scene) as well.
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