Sunday is a good day for railway history
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Can I interest you in TEE luxury? A tale of two alpinists and their railway posters? Travel for foreigners across the Soviet Union? Spend your Sunday delving into the history and design of Europe's railways with
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Thank you for this post!

As tribute I would like to add this delightful comment in a thread on Gwulo, an excellent local history site here in Hong Kong, of how one might have gone from Hong Kong to London via rail in the early 20th century. Tons of maps and schedules to pore over and people sharing reminiscences from their parents and grandparents.
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Awesome. Many thanks!
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Kraftwerk's Trans-Europe Express is now on a loop inside my head.
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The Alpine posters reminded me of these posters and postcards I was looking at earlier.

The site is run by two alpine museums. I've been to one of them, the Mountain museum in Torino with its dramatic setting and still stands as one of the more beautiful small museums I have been to.
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Sunday Every day is a good day for railway history. This really is amazing.

You can tell you are looking at someone's passion project when even the source code is hawt 💋
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Meh. Trains are OK (if steam), but I *loves me* a funicular! They even have a song:Funiculi, funicula! (Funicello sang it! So did Dangerfield!)

Valparaiso, Chile used to have 29 of them ... and it's said they still have 16. Oh I wish.
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I've always loved that site and the many, many beautiful posters. This is a good post and you should feel good.
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Amazing! Thanks for sharing. 🚂
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