Terrible Quality Voices (need rework)
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If your lifelong dream is to hear dril posts read aloud by a stilted, computer-generated Gilbert Gottfried (or Judi Dench, or Dr. Phil, or thirty-odd other celebrities*), vo.codes is the website for you.

*celebrities may include assorted silicon valley types no regular person should have to know about. please see our ad in Good Housekeeping for more information
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Hah, not bad. It has some cadence issues, but pretty interesting training! David Cross is pretty funny (words I haven't typed in some years).
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I have found that it may be necessary to retry a few times before the processing succeeds.

Every time a request succeeds, it turns up under "Replay & Downloads" at the top of the page (for as long as you stay on the site) and can be downloaded from there.
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Gilbert Gottfried has laryngitis. Plus he has trouble speaking with the right cadence.
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I think this would combine nicely with the pink trombone vocal synthesizer (previously) to create some hellish soundscapes.
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"There was an error and I still haven't implemented retry to make it invisible. You can absolutely submit your request again a few times; this is a self-healing Kubernetes cluster."

Kubernetes! Heal thyself! (I get nothing.)
Edit: Works now. As you were.
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It seems to work best if you stick with something the person plausibly would say since they were trained on existing samples. David Attenborough's "My trouser snake is the most curious specimen of a male sexual organ in the animal kingdom" is pretty convincing. (Yes, I am 12.)
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Wilford Brimley doesn’t pronunce “diabetes” as “diabeetus,” so the whole thing is a bust as far as I’m concerned.
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I want David Lynch and also Don Adams because they secretly are the same voice with one being more nasal
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"Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe. All mimsy were the borogoves, and the mome raths outgrabe" doesn't work at all well :-)
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Disappointed I can't get Alan Rickman to say "Grabthar".
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I made Fred Rogers say this:

"My boner needs are overwhelming and I can't talk to anyone else about it except for these motherfucking puppets."

Not proud - but still laughing.
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I'm not ashamed to say that I can be endlessly amused by making celebrities etc tell me that they're a stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt and their butt smells and that they like to kiss their own butt. [edited for correctness]

Probably should be. Not though.

It is a bummer that it basically skips words it doesn't know; I wanted to make them sing the "scientist Salarian" song.
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Disappointed I can't get Alan Rickman to say "Grabthar".

He can say "grab thar" but not "grab thars"
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"Grab far's" works well enough to be going on with.
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Oh man, if they ever add Jeff Goldblum this will pair beautifully with Jeffsum!

(a Loren Ipsum text generator that uses dialogue from his roles)
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