Concerts by Ibrahim Maalouf
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Ibrahim Maalouf is a French-Lebanese jazz trumpeter and composer.
Here are a few concerts from his YT feed:
LIVE IN ISTANBUL - 07/06/2013
Alcaline 1/25/2016
North Sea Jazz Festival Holland 2014
Paléo Festival 2012
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He is fantastic. My favourite work of his is the 2015 album Kalthoum, his interpretation of the Umm Kulthum classic Alf leila wa leila. Here he is performing a piece off that album.
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Thanks for the rec, he's got a beautiful tone.
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I always love his stuff. These will be fun to go through.
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Nice, thank you!
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I was Googling to learn more about him and, uh:

French-Lebanese musician Maalouf found guilty over schoolgirl sexual assault
Maalouf, 37, was found guilty of assaulting a 14-year-old schoolgirl who was doing work experience at his music studio in a suburb southeast of Paris in 2013. The girl, now aged 19, testified in court that Maalouf had kissed her and grabbed her without her consent.
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