Caesar the No Drama Llama
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Caesar the No Drama Llama is a 5'8", 350lb, llamactivist becoming famous for showing up at protests offering emotional support hugs.

"So far this year, Caesar and [caretaker Larry] McCool have attended 10 Black Lives Matter protests in Oregon, including five in Portland’s epicenter, to offer support and a tranquil presence to protesters. In recent years, they have attended more than 50 marches in support of a variety of civil and environmental causes."

"Police sometimes react to Caesar the same way protesters do, McCool said. During a recent large protest in Portland, Caesar and McCool ambled by a group of Portland police officers who were stationed in a parking lot near the unrest. The officers pet Caesar and asked to take photos, McCool said. The same thing happened at the Salem Women’s March this year."

"When they’re not protesting, McCool and Caesar go to retirement homes to visit residents outside their windows. Before the pandemic, they would go to schools, malls and visit foster children and people with special needs. The visits are on a volunteer basis, though sometimes McCool accepts donations to offset transportation and other costs."

To follow Caesar in the future, go to his Instagram page or Facebook page.
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that first link is just "#EndPoliceBrutality", if people were expecting a llama.
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I was indeed expecting a Llama.
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"But hollow men, like horses hot at hand, Make gallant show and promise of their mettle..."

-Shakespeare: Julius Caesar. Act 4, Scene 2
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As a Canadian, I'm skeptical of Caesar's hairstyle. Party in the front, business in the back?
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'No Drama Llama' offers comfort at Portland anti-racism protests (Reuters, 15 pictures / MSN reprint), and one 'No drama llama' image is also featured in The Guardian's Friday's best photos.
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Some-drama llama? "Why is there a goat? OMG IT'S A F*CKING LLAMA"
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I got to pet Caesar and my friend gave him a hug. We marched alongside him at the demonstration. He was very chill and soft and beautiful.
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This is a stretch, but here are two adorable drama llama craft patterns:
Crocheted llama pattern (he’s been my ‘next project’ for a while)
Knitted llama pattern.
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that first link is just "#EndPoliceBrutality", if people were expecting a llama.

On initial load you also get a pop-up using the F word. Hardly very calming. I suspect the site has been hacked.
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Mod note: Edited the post to remove the direct link which now doesn't seem to have any content; if the site comes back let us know.
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Really, hugging anyone right now is such a joy that this takes on even more significance — although I hope llamas don’t carry covid (or we’ll have Caeser Super-Spreader!)
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Oh god, there'd be another thing for 2020: the kindly peace llama spreads COVID to all who hug it. Oh god.
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No drama, you say? How quickly we forget...
The Owners of Two Portland Celebrity Llamas are Feuding

RIP Rojo
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