Brian Posehn has a Posse—6'X"—666 lbs
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This is definitely the bit of levity that I needed today.
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tbh Ian looked adorable in that sweater.
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I have just invented Bondcliff's Law: Anything involving Scott Ian is good.

Also that song is no lie. I saw Anthrax at Mohegan Sun last year and they played for like 45 minutes. They were done around 9:30 and I assume they all took some Tums and went to bed.
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This could be a mefi project of epic, era, eonnic, centural proprotianzation.

'Stairwell to Blevin'
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Speaking of "grandpa metal", there's a guy on youtube called TruthSurge... sings some awesome covers (e.g. Barracuda) and plays a mean guitar (e.g Dokken's "Breakin' the Chains", Iron Maiden's "Trooper").
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The Kim Thayil parts are funny in a nicely subtle way.
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Metal isn't dead. It just goes to bed at a reasonable time.
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Kim showing up made my day.
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This is funny. I played Pantera in my Camry today on the way to the grocery store at 8 AM.
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These guys still have so much more energy than Metallica, after a certain point.
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Brenden Small's dog sneezes in the beginning. Also zuum with umlauts.
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The Kim Thayil parts are funny in a nicely subtle way.

Just got around to watching this. Fully agree.
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