Traveling Cats
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For over fifteen years, I've been snapping pictures of every cat I meet during my travels around the world. In December 2013, I realized I had more travel pictures of cats than 'normal' ones, and I figured it could be neat to put them all on a blog. Two weeks later, Traveling Cats was born.
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Awesome! :-)
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I need to post this on the blog for my cats.
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Woo! I do this too. We keep a count of cats seen on every trip.
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Nice, thanks!
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If you're on Twitter, be sure to follow @thecatreviewer!
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Travel kitties are the best. There was a young black and white furball that would join me for coffee every morning when we were in Ravello, Italy. One of my favorite memories of the trip.
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International floof!
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Living the dream, especially from the view of my ass which hasn't really left my apartment in 150 days.
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Other people’s kitties!
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