The Agencies Crumble and Surrender
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MK Lees describes how the Writers Guild of America West brought Hollywood talent agencies to heel and ended the practice of packaging fees that was eating into their compensation.
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Would writers be starved out with no agents to procure work for them?

If I ever start a company that makes me a billionaire from the sale one of the things I'm going to use that money to bankroll mutual aid for people in unions when they strike.
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Writers are always getting screwed over it seems.
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WOW. This is great news.

I clearly remember learning about this practice previously here on MetaFilter; the David Simon piece explaining the evil of packaging linked in that post was a brilliantly written eye-opener.

I am so glad the good guys won on this, and so glad the union - the organization, and the individual members - did all the hard, risky work to make it happen.

I do wish a bunch of the people who perpetrated these financial crimes were getting their illegal gains clawed back, but I'll celebrate the enormous victory we get.

Thank you for posting this, adrianhon!
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Very interesting point later on in the article that the WGA won despite lacking their biggest form of leverage at the end: a general writers' strike threatening a production shutdown strike wouldn't have meant anything with production shut down anyways thanks to COVID.

Thanks for sharing this, adrianhon. I'll be keeping my eye on Organizing Work and MK Lees after this.
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What an excellent read. DIRECT ACTION GETS THE GOODS.
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This is a great reminder that the bosses need workers more than the workers need bosses.
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Great read, thanks for posting. Would make a good movie...
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We live in an era of so many rampant conflicts of interest. David Simon's great piece shouldn't even have been necessary. Sometimes the crime is happening in plain sight.
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