To Oblivion And Back
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In 1929, the last sea otter in British Columbia was shot dead. In 1970, Canadian biologists transported otters from Alaskan waters and relocated them to Checleset Bay, near the remote northwest tip of Vancouver Island. What started as an experiment has become a significant conservation success story.
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h/t Fizz
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Sea otters in estuaries
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Beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for posting. Blessings upon all the conservationists.
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Very cool. The article says there about 8000 sea otters off the coast of BC now, but the ecosystem could probably support 50000, so there's lots of room to grow.
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Thanks for posting, both the FPP and the estuary article link. I hope they can come to terms with the shellfish farms and the otters, I love me some fabulous clams etc but the impact the otters are having on restoring kelp forests is amazing.
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Yes! Some good news!
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