Has Peter Max seen these?
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Glorious psychedelic fish illustrations, many of actual fish. Some not as such. Bonus: many available as a print or, in these craptastic times, as a face mask.
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Love love love! Thank you, winesong! 🐠
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These are beautiful and I want. A little bummed someone is making money off these though.
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It looks like the mask sales are "Benefitting the Nature Conservancy" so it isn't exactly a capitalist cash grab off a dead person's work. However, I'm not seeing any other details about that so I'm not sure how much goes to the Nature Conservancy.
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These are wonderful! I'm especially enamored with the ones that incorporate what looks like Anomalocarid anatomy or appendages that look more to me like spider legs+paws than fins. The ones with extraordinarily elaborate facial markings are beautiful, too.

I really enjoy what seems to be the central idea here - to take naturalist illustrations of actual animals and embelish them into being works of art. There is so much you can do with this premise, and the results are often more imaginative and fanciful than creature designs for entirely fictitious animals. There are so many strange anatomical quirks in nature that artists tend to forget or not know about that can really shine with art like this.

I was aware of the S6 masks - I have a friend who bought one of the Haeckel jellyfishes, and have been tempted to do the same - but I didn't realize these were in the mix, too. I think I may add some to my maskwear.

I'm having a hard day and this has shined a lot of light into it. Thank you.
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Insanely cool, astounding that they've been preserved and made available again nearly 300 years after engraving and coloring. Now if someone would just do an animated two hours (a la Loving Vincent) of these creatures swimming in their dazzling colors - and maybe throw in some reefs in the same style - I would gladly open a nice bottle of wine, fire one up and kick back for some glorious non-2020 escape.
Thank you for sharing this into my life.
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The link to the mask's creator's website is incorrect on the society6 page. The correct link is https://www.brainpickings.org/2020/06/19/vintage-science-face-masks/. It provides background from the artist and some discussion of the masks themselves and where the donated money is going (although doesn't discuss the percentage being donated).
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Not only are the illustrations really cool, but I enjoyed the pop-up poem. The web needs more psychedelic fauna and more pop-up poetry!
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These are beautiful and I want. A little bummed someone is making money off these though.
Yes, it certainly sucks that someone who has the skills, tools, and inclination to make paper copies of artwork scanned from antique books wants to be recompensed for their time and effort when they do that.

What planet are you from again?
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